We are all aware of the fact that there are many benefits of outsourcing your business processes to destinations around the world. But the most obvious and visible benefits relate to the cost savings and good quality for non-core activities. By outsourcing these jobs will save you up to at least 60% of your basic operational costs, increase your efficiency, save on infrastructure and technology and access skilled resources. All these will free your energies and enable you to focus on building your brand, invest in research and development and grow your business.

Over 10 years of experience in providing outsourcing services has helped us to design and develop customizable, efficient and high quality services that exceed all expectations and add value to any business.

CMC Outsourcing Services:

  • Data Entry
  • Collection
  • Customer and Techical Support
  • Marketing and Telemarketing
  • Sales
  • Project Management
  • NOC services
  • Live Auto Attendant

Our outsourcing divisions are located in Central and Eastern Europe countries which give us the major advantage of working with highly educated and certified people in all industries. For example, our call-center employees cover a variety of spoken languages such as: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Serbian - Croatian, Portuguese, Hindi, Farsi, Tagalog, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Armenian.

European culture is illustrated by creative, calm and hard working people who respect strong and old traditions and are dedicated to achieve perfection and quality in all areas.

Partnering with us gives your business a high competitive advantage on the market by increasing efficiency and productivity, accessing professional, expert and high-quality services and by making it more flexible to change.

Video Monitoring

We developed the most customizable, scalable and innovative video surveillance services that will provide a true benefit to your business in monitoring property and protecting people and their assets.

By using most advanced technology and video analytics on the market and a team of professionals, our solutions enable smarter decisions for business, improved performance and provide actionable insights.

Our RMV services are based on high technology and professional agents trained to see when unusual actions happen and to transmit instantly all information to the client. In addition to this, Voice Down option enables our agents to prevent any incedent that may occur. With us, clients benefit from getting most competitive prices on the market, reducing all false alarms, saving costs on damages and preventing all crimes before they happen.

And by outsourcing the human components, they can greatly lower costs on human security services and make real-time RVM a viable choice for their companies when seeking the best in security monitoring. This will offer time and savings for further important other investments.

Now, CMC serves more than 150 clients, all industries included, throughout Europe and North America. And our main target is to remain leaders of the market by offering of reliable, efficient, profitable and customizable services.


CMC operates retail telecom business in several countries in North America and Europe. We are a significant retailer in these markets with our large portfolio.

Our products (operated under local brands) include calling cards, dial up services, direct dial, equal access long distance, video streaming, and television broadcasting products.

Our retail customer base is mainly located in Canada, USA (California, Oregon, and Washington), Romania, Serbia, Mexico, and Turkey. We are expanding our retail operations to Italy, Spain, and UK. Through strategic partnership we will soon start to operate our own retail business in Brasil.

Bridging Services – the free way you can expand your customer base

Bridging is a concept entirely developed and managed by CMC. A complex marketing and sales concept that turns into a very powerful tool which generates thousands of customers for us and our strategic partners.

A customer base that needs to be to developed wisely, without spending huge budgets, can be grown up to 10% to its retail base. We offer you now a low cost method of increasing your customer base and retention level.

Check out now our bridging program by writing to us at the following email: Please be aware that we will disclose bridging information and strategies only to retailers with significant volume of business.

Also you need to be a company with business in North America and Europe in order to qualify for our bridging program.


Termination of Traffic

CMC is terminating traffic in over 80 countries. Using our direct routes or through our partners networks we can offer to any carrier very competitive rates on three continents:

  • North America Termination (USA and Canada)
  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • Middle East

Traffic Origination/Transit

If you have capacity available to terminate traffic all over the world we can provide you traffic to most of the continents.

DIDs around the Globe

We are providing personalized offer for DIDs for more than twenty countries on three continents.


Grow your business, increase the profit, build traffic and take care of your customers. Whatever your main goal is you can rely on us to do those jobs for you:

  • NOC operations: we can take care of your network 24/7. You will be in control like having your team on place.
  • Billing: send us you CDRs and you will have instantly back your bills for all your corporate and retail customers.
  • Technical support for your customers is not any more a problem. Just forward your tickets to us and they will be taken care by a team of professionals.
  • Collection, data entry, sales and other services can be provided at lower cost. And our quality is guaranteed by our standards of operations and commitment. Services in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Russian are our usuals. Any languages can be added upon request.

Business Consulting

Is your company in need of additional financial resources?

Is your operation losing money? Call us right away and 100% we have a solution for you. We guarantee INTEREST ZERO!!!