About Us

The Company

Founded in 2003, CMC is a major voice carrier in several markets around the globe. Based in Vancouver, Canada, its network is deployed over three continents: North America, Middle East and Europe (largely Central and Eastern).

Proud of being a 100% wholly owned Canadian company that has been operating debt free and profitably since its establishment, CMC currently takes advantage of its great cash flow to take on numerous international telecom projects.

Its network includes highly efficient global VoIP infrastructure, extensive TDM. One of its major strengths is its own direct routes portfolio.

CMC deployed its own equipment in more than 15 countries in Europe, North America, and Middle East so it delivers traffic all around the globe.

It has over the years deployed multiple, redundant switching facilities and Points of Presence (PoPs) nationally and internationally resulting in the delivery of stable telecom business solutions to its customers.

With a team of technicians and engineers located in Vancouver, that combine’s state-of-the-art network management technology with around-the-clock service, CMC manages to ensure the highest quality of service to customers worldwide.

CMC main focus is to route and terminate voice traffic to difficult and mobile destinations worldwide. The company operates its own physical TDM and VoIP networks with over 100 interconnections in over 80 countries worldwide.

CMC provides soft and hard solutions for carriers (some of these services and solutions are offered by our worldwide partners).

Our outsourcing services are managed by experts with significant industry know-how operating in focused functional regions. Designed to follow market trends and to shape any business in the future, these services cover successfully ranges as: Telemarketing, Networking Operation Center, Video surveillance.

The Executive Team:

  • President: Stan Cohen
  • EMEA VP: Lucian Raducanu
  • Call Center Division Manager: Petre Dobos
  • Technical Operations Manager: Adrian Mohora
  • Wholesale Manager: Emilian Vlinceanu
  • Retail Carrier Manager: Daniel Visoiu
  • Marketing Manager: Alina Iordache
  • RVM Division Manager: Cristina Patrut


We know that customers will never love a company until the employees love it first. CMC mission is to create value and make a difference. This is the main reason we always provide a unique experience to customers. The one that focuses on customer satisfaction first. We deliver excellence to every client who seeks for high quality services and good prices.

In our vision, job satisfaction is also very important for all of us, so we maintain a work environment that is enjoyable and profitable for all.

A friendly and creative work environment which respects diversity, optimism, and efficient work. One that can provide a true rewarding feeling for our team.

Enduring, long term relationships are part of our shared vision with our customers and partners. A winning network that will maximize long-term return to shareowners and will satisfy all needs and desires.

Our Values

Our values stand on the diversity of the people and their collaboration. This is why, in our company you’ll be met with more than 150 professional consultants, hear over 10 spoken languages, and see passports from more than 12 countries.

Focused on perfection of execution, committed and responsive to changes. And what they do, they do it well! And we promise continuous growth and development in quality products and services.

We take pride in being second to none!

Greatest Benefits Of Working With Us

Simplified global operations

World class support and customer service

Best available routes at competitive rates

Accelerated deployment and interconnection times

Profitable, debt free privately owned Canadian company

Excellent quality of services

Unique customizable solutions